Aeron Warranty Service

It took about four years for the seat pan of my Aeron to fail. The threads that make up the mesh of the upholstery of the thing must be engineered for strength that’s just so because once one failed, the rest quickly followed.

Seat Pan Failure
Seat Pan Failure

Hunting down the dealer I bought it from wasn’t easy. In the four years they’ve  been sold and re-formed and even changed location. But I found ’em and got the process of warranty service started.

And today, fully five weeks after my initial contact, my Aeron’s got a brandy-new seat pan and all’s well with the world. If my ass could smile, it would. My back would join in.

Kudos to HermanMiller for standing behind their products with a twelve-year warranty. Not only did they make good with my worn-out seat pan, they (well, their authorized dealer) also send a person out to my home office to repair it and cart away the packaging material. My cost? Not a nickel.

Which leads me to a question. As great as the Aeron is, the successor is supposed to be even better. The Embody is pricey: around $1,500 to start. I haven’t had the opportunity to try one. Have you? What do you think of it?

One thought on “Aeron Warranty Service”

  1. I’m gonna cry.

    I’m sitting in a $35 chair with a pain in the butt and back. Both feet will be stiff when I get up, but that’s my own nasty habit of tucking my feet under the seat on two of the five legs.

    Back when we worked you know where, I swapped my chair for one from sales one evening. That MSRP was $975.

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