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The Gallery’s Moved

A long time ago having one’s own photo gallery running on the web was a thing, it’s not so important today. Mine was on the old Gallery3 platform but that hasn’t been supported for several years now.
I finally got around to moving it to Coppermine, software that’s still supported.

On the way I purged a bunch of albums. [shrug] The remaining stuff is mostly nostalgia and inertia. You can have a look if you want.

I can only think of one good reason to maintain a personal gallery these days. It’s for those times when you need a permanent URL to an image for one reason or another, and want to manage those images efficiently. It seems likely that I’ll move most of mine somewhere else eventually. But you know how that word – “eventually” – tends to work.

Florida Pictures

Florida in January
Takin’ a break to ham it up a little for the camera. It’s January. The temperatures are in the mid-80s. There’s no shortage of motorcycles. What’s not to like?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that this is a cheap post.

Let me point you to a set of images that chronicle the construction project that produced our new home. The series begins with Pam & me standing in front of an empty lot, the camera in roughly the same place as the image to the left.

We made the trip down in mid-December 2012. It was a bumpy transition, mostly because the project was late. In this next set I show some of that bumpiness, which continues through today as bits and pieces struggle for completion.



The last two times I’ve relocated I’ve taken the time, when packing, to develop a pretty comprehensive inventory of my stuff. Yeah, in fact it is a pain in the ass to do that. Takes time, too. So what’s the point?

This is also the second move that’s been somewhat less than ideal. There were wildly different reasons for that, but the result has been the same: lots of boxes stacked chaotically for a an extended period.

The movers delivered us, offloading into the garage, literally an hour after the garage doors had been hung and tested. That’s tight timing. Stuff went in as it came off the truck, nothing like the way it might be needed. We had about 500 pieces.

About ten days later I dug into the pile. The goal was simple. Stack like-sized containers into rows with their identifiers arranged so that they could be read. When the parade of subcontractors had subsided just a little, being able to find stuff by searching a list saved us a ton of time.

Yesterday Pam & me spent some time recycling empty cartons and rearranging the rows, the first time since the first triage. The bikes fit comfortably now and the idea of allocating some workshop space doesn’t seem so far off.

I need to spend a moment talking about the tools I used, mostly because it was a little different from the way I did it about a dozen years back. Back then it was a simple text file on a computer, which meant that I needed either the computer or a printed sheet to use the inventory. This time I used a document on Google shared using Google Drive. This meant that the inventory was always available no matter what device was handy. That was a big win. There were two downsides, though. The first is my own – I’m just not very effective with data entry on a phone. I don’t know how these kids do it. Voice input isn’t there yet. The second is that search blows, which is kind of funny since it’s Google. Search wasn’t terribly important until we hit the ground, so it was easy to turn the document into a portable and searchable PDF.


I’m here today to report that the old saw “no project ever ran perfectly and yours won’t be the first” is just as true as ever.

I guess I set the tone eight days before the moving van showed up when I took a crowbar to the master bath in the Jersey home for a ‘quick’ renovation. Needless to say, that went incomplete at showtime and I’ll need to go back to complete it before I hit the market. So what; I am a full-time Florida resident now.

View from my office window.
This is the view from my office window. It’s a very pleasant change from NJ. Looks a little overcast and it’s a little chilly at some 50 degrees, but it’ll be in the mid 70s in a couple of hours.

I was pretty ambitions when I initially wrote about my plans back in July. I never actually documented the ups and downs of minding a construction project from so far away as I intended. I guess I’ll have to pick that up again.

For now, though, despite the inevitable screwups, it’s kinda nice. Got what passes for Internet service in rural Florida running a couple of days ago. The spa’s running and I had a good soak night before last under a pretty much full moon. The county signed off on all the trades yesterday, making us legal (we’ve been squatting in our own home for some 17 days). Yeah, kinda nice indeed.

More later. And this time I’ll deliver.

Leaving New Jersey Behind

Many of my friends and acquaintances already know this so it’ll be old news, but I’m happy to write that I’m finally leaving New Jersey, once and for all.

Shocked? Well, the time has come.

Pam and I plan our lives on rather long timelines. We may not know what next week holds. But we know what we want to be doing along periods measured by several years or even decades. This chunk was to finish raising Damian, get him though High School and off to college. That part’s just about done. (I think we did a fine job of it, too. What parent doesn’t?)

So we’re off to Florida. Why the Sunshine State? Mostly for the endless motorcycle riding season. Central Florida holds some of the best riding on the east coast, and the best of that will be in our backyard. We figure it’ll hold our interest for many years to come.

Another big reason is that New Jersey is literally sucking us dry. Cost-of-living, taxes and more. So many hands in my pocket I can’t find my… well, you know. We stay here, by the time we’re ready to recreate full time there won’t be anything left.

So, we’re packing up. Taking our property, our money, our spending, our business, and all that other good stuff. Away. To where it’ll do US good.

So far we’ve acquired property, custom-designed/modified a plan (AutoCAD rocks!) for a home that’s perfect for us, contracted our builder… We’ll be breaking ground soon. And come 2013, not a dime more goes into New Jersey’s coffers. Yeah, it really feels damned good to write those words!

Over the coming months I’ll tell you more about this all-consuming adventure. You’ll hear about some of the cool people I’m meeting and doing business with.

WTF, maybe you’ll end up following us down!

“Be seeing you.”