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Leaving New Jersey Behind

Many of my friends and acquaintances already know this so it’ll be old news, but I’m happy to write that I’m finally leaving New Jersey, once and for all.

Shocked? Well, the time has come.

Pam and I plan our lives on rather long timelines. We may not know what next week holds. But we know what we want to be doing along periods measured by several years or even decades. This chunk was to finish raising Damian, get him though High School and off to college. That part’s just about done. (I think we did a fine job of it, too. What parent doesn’t?)

So we’re off to Florida. Why the Sunshine State? Mostly for the endless motorcycle riding season. Central Florida holds some of the best riding on the east coast, and the best of that will be in our backyard. We figure it’ll hold our interest for many years to come.

Another big reason is that New Jersey is literally sucking us dry. Cost-of-living, taxes and more. So many hands in my pocket I can’t find my… well, you know. We stay here, by the time we’re ready to recreate full time there won’t be anything left.

So, we’re packing up. Taking our property, our money, our spending, our business, and all that other good stuff. Away. To where it’ll do US good.

So far we’ve acquired property, custom-designed/modified a plan (AutoCAD rocks!) for a home that’s perfect for us, contracted our builder… We’ll be breaking ground soon. And come 2013, not a dime more goes into New Jersey’s coffers. Yeah, it really feels damned good to write those words!

Over the coming months I’ll tell you more about this all-consuming adventure. You’ll hear about some of the cool people I’m meeting and doing business with.

WTF, maybe you’ll end up following us down!

“Be seeing you.”

H-1B Visa Petition Race Right Around the Corner

Last year, less than a day had elapsed before the ‘limit’ was hit. What’s it gonna be this year? An hour? Part of an hour?

America is going to Hell in a handbasket, I tell you.

Go read this:


[Ah, don’t bother – the link died.]

Youth and Hiring

BusinessWeek has an interesting take on hiring in IT engineering in their Viewpoint column of 15 January 2008.

http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/jan2008/tc20080115_576235.htm [Link is dead.]

Sidestepping the H-1B visa limits

The H-1B issues have been a hot-button thing for me for quite a while. Go read this piece in Info World. Bummer you missed this piece in Info World, the link’s dead.


Business Licensing in My Town

Starting a new business is, among other things, an exercise in discovering exactly which licenses, permits and permissions one needs to obtain. My local municipality requires such a license. The application consists of a one-page form and payment of fifty dollars. It seemed simple enough.
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