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In 2007, after more than a quarter century in corporate IT,  I formed Wishniak, LLC. We’re a privately held business & technology services company as well as an umbrella for a variety of projects.

Wishniak, LLC
Both the company name and its tagline –  One per horse. Two per chicken. – have amusing stories behind them. Never underestimate the value of storytelling when it comes to lodging yourself in someone’s memory! Here are just some of the things we do.

Small Business Loan
Rick accepts small business loan from George W. while Bill C. and friend look on.

We buy, sell, and manage domains. We can have yours registered faster than you can say DNS propagation. Today, having your own domain and arranging for your own hosting solves more problems than you know. Whatever your hosting needs, from shared to dedicated to the cloud and everything in between, we’ve got it all. Whatever’s best for your needs, we can host you ourselves or partner you with one of our world-class affiliates. Either way, we’re right beside you.

Want to create a news outlet for your business – or your family? A personal or professional blog? An online community? Wishniak, LLC will help you choose the right environment and tools, handle the configuration chores and even help manage it if you wish. Worried about your confidentiality? I’m a privacy freak, and that’s reflected in every aspect of the business. So long as it’s legal you’re good to go.

We’re biker-owned and operated. I’m mentioning that because it means a lot.

Wishniak, LLC’s no-bullshit approach is exactly what you need. Yeah, well, I’ve never heard of you, either.

Community Service
I’m proud to tell you about the Wishniak, LLC continuing tradition of giving back to the community. Several years before my family and I relocated to sunny Florida I took on a mentor role with Raider Robotix, the two-time World Champion FIRST Robotics team. My ties to the team became so strong that today, from a thousand miles away, I work with the students on their website and online presence as well as various functions for the Raider Robotix Parent and Mentor Association, Inc. (RRPMA is the team’s 501(c)(3) support group.)

We donate hosting and domain management services to community information websites, dedicated to helping neighbors connect with neighbors. Here’s one of them.

Helping others is part of what I set out to do when I formed the

I’m a member of LinkedIn and my profile is but a click away. The Company has its own Twitter account but it’s really more of a placeholder than anything. Google+ and Facebook, too.

Spare bandwidth is somewhat of a luxury these days. Still, if your project is stimulating I might be interested in participating. You can email me if you’d like to start a conversation about what I can bring to your table.

Corporate Life
In my varied roles with a very well-known business credit services corporation I was responsible for all phases of development technology reporting in their global environment. During my tenure I bridged senior management, technology, and finance teams, forging raw data into the information required to profitably staff and manage a comprehensive suite of projects.

One aspect of that work was helping to decimate their development organization, shifting that functionality to a heavily outsourced, offshore model, which endures to this very day. I’m not particularly proud of that role today, but it was hard work and I was quite effective at it.

Along the way I gained a great deal of experience with project and resource management and related tool sets.

Do I regret leaving Corporate Life behind? Absolutely not. Leaving was the best thing I did, before it took its toll on my health. It took over a year and a half to shake off the accumulated stress.

I do, however, deeply miss my old team. They were some of the best, most talented people with whom I’ve worked. Together we accomplished great things. Our core remained in touch with one another, sometimes daily, for half a decade. And some of us still do, from time to time.

That company remains profitable and relevant, and I wish them continued success; after all, I own a bunch of their stock!

Rick Plavnicky
   Just more betterer.

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