I’ve been meaning to start another blog for a very long time now.

I guess this is the fifth kick or so. Each that came before has gone very stale, neglected. I’d come back one day to find it withered and dead, hopelessly out of date. This time will be different!

But as I sit here, morning coffee close at hand, laptop on my knee, a couple of configuration windows open – along with this mostly-empty page – I feel a bit of a loss for words. Well, I’m not going to let it bother me. One of the things I’ve learned over the past half century is that worrying about such stuff just ain’t worth it. I’ve got a bit more configuration to do, then I’m going to pull on some boots and throw a leg over the Harley. It’s a beautiful summer morning. I need some wind in my face.

Oh, Lomcevak? Thought you’d never ask. It’s Czechoslovakian. Translated to English it roughly means headache, or hangover. It’s the name of a funky aerobatic maneuver, sort of an end-over-end tumble.

28 June 2007

Rick Plavnicky
   Just more betterer.

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