The Gallery’s Moved

A long time ago having one’s own photo gallery running on the web was a thing, it’s not so important today. Mine was on the old Gallery3 platform but that hasn’t been supported for several years now.
I finally got around to moving it to Coppermine, software that’s still supported.

On the way I purged a bunch of albums. [shrug] The remaining stuff is mostly nostalgia and inertia. You can have a look if you want.

I can only think of one good reason to maintain a personal gallery these days. It’s for those times when you need a permanent URL to an image for one reason or another, and want to manage those images efficiently. It seems likely that I’ll move most of mine somewhere else eventually. But you know how that word – “eventually” – tends to work.

2 thoughts on “The Gallery’s Moved”

  1. Another reason is genealogy Rick. Perhaps you’d like to use some of your images to tell your family and descendants about your life history for posterity.

    1. That’s a good response, Peggy. But what happens when the hosting bills go unpaid, when the domain expires?

      I do a much better job of storing and cataloging the content that’s not online. As a descendant myself, going through the content left to me, I’m painfully aware of the daunting job I’m going to leave to… someone. My documentation and organization is worlds better but, alas, the sheer volume is orders of magnitude larger.

      Then there’s that other thing. Y’know, that thing that says my life history just ain’t all that interesting.

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