Pocket Change

I used to collect my pocket change at the end of the day and dump it into a jar. When the jar filled I’d roll the contents and and put the rolls in a box on a shelf in the closet. That went on for a long, long time.

One day I bought a laptop with it.

Well, it wasn’t actually a one-for-one exchange. It’s even better than that. I ordered the laptop, paid with a credit card. And when the bill came, I deposited the rolls into my bank.

I took ’em to the bank in a smallish cardboard box that weighed a good hundred and fifty pounds.

When I entered the bank I knew it was going to get a little weird. I warned the receptionist that I needed to deposit a large amount of coin. Then I warned the guard that I’d be back in a minute with a small, heavy cardboard box – and a hand-truck. They summoned a person with a cart and a shitload of those little aluminum roll-counting trays. When I returned we set to work.

I deposited something exceeding two grand.

Every computer in the house gets assigned a name – for life – when it gets access to my network. The new laptops name?


Still have the thing, too. It’s resting in the closet, pretty much unused. Not too far from some rolled coin.

Go ahead and say it.