I’m here today to report that the old saw “no project ever ran perfectly and yours won’t be the first” is just as true as ever.

I guess I set the tone eight days before the moving van showed up when I took a crowbar to the master bath in the Jersey home for a ‘quick’ renovation. Needless to say, that went incomplete at showtime and I’ll need to go back to complete it before I hit the market. So what; I am a full-time Florida resident now.

View from my office window.
This is the view from my office window. It’s a very pleasant change from NJ. Looks a little overcast and it’s a little chilly at some 50 degrees, but it’ll be in the mid 70s in a couple of hours.

I was pretty ambitions when I initially wrote about my plans back in July. I never actually documented the ups and downs of minding a construction project from so far away as I intended. I guess I’ll have to pick that up again.

For now, though, despite the inevitable screwups, it’s kinda nice. Got what passes for Internet service in rural Florida running a couple of days ago. The spa’s running and I had a good soak night before last under a pretty much full moon. The county signed off on all the trades yesterday, making us legal (we’ve been squatting in our own home for some 17 days). Yeah, kinda nice indeed.

More later. And this time I’ll deliver.

Go ahead and say it.