Drive With the Power of… Thought?

Can you imagine this? In today’s world of distracted drivers?

Scientists Steer Car with the Power of Thought

Computer Scientists at Freie Universität Couple Brain Waves with Driving Technology – Testing at Former Tempelhof Airport

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One thought on “Drive With the Power of… Thought?”

  1. Scary! Almost every car trip I take, someone says, “What were they thinking, anyway?” My answer, “You haven’t proven they ARE thinking in the first place.”

    Now add a cell phone. Illegal? Yeah, but does that stop anybody? Not that I can tell, and as a pedestrian, I think I see more cars and drivers that a driver within the traffic stream.

    The kids are fighting in the back seat. What does the car do when Mom yells, “Stop that?” What happens when the driver, presumably male in this case, is watching a great wiggle and bounce on the sidewalk?

    Before this car hits the road, I want pedestrian tunnels EVERYWHERE.

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