Tweet Tweet

Okay, so I’m a little slow on the uptake, so what. Yeah, I know about the thing, yeah it’s been in the news for a longass time, but I never figured I’d have a use for it. And to be honest, after dickin’ around with for a day or so that hasn’t really changed much, either.

Friends have been telling me to get on and companies seem to be letting me know they’re on so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Just to squat on it, I’ve taken my company name (sshhhh – squatting violates Terms of Service), and I’ve also taken another for personal use, whch is where I’m doing some, um, evaluation. Yeah, that’s it.  Evaluation.

Find me on Twitter here.

2 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet”

  1. And you know, I’ve said as much in a number of offline conversations.

    Actually, I think I do know what it’s all about: advertising. I’ve noticed that much of what I read on Twitter is hawking one thing or another. Not only that, but there seems to be a distinct uptick in the amount of spam in my inbox. Of course it’s my own fault because on Twitter, like everywhere else, I use a real e-mail address.

  2. You forgot to Twit when you go to the bathroom. I just don’t think you get what this is all about! :-)

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