Buffer Dump

There’s one emacs buffer I always have around to keep catch tidbits of stuff. It really does help to keep those scraps of paper on the desk to a minimum, well, for text anyway. Now and again I need to go back through it and clean out the junk – not unlike looking at those scraps of paper and throwing them into the shredder bin. This time I thought I’d share a little. Got a few minutes for some diversions? Good. Go grab a fresh cup and waste a little time.

mugFirst up is this collection of help desk tickets from hell – and beyond:
http://chroniclesofgeorge.nanc.com/ [broken link]

Those of you that ride know how tough it can be to catch the attention of cagers on the road, seemingly single-minded in their desire to ruin your day by killing you. Well, how about this nifty holographic projector priced just a tad over five large. The folks over at Aerostich like to have a little fun with their catalogs by adding fictional items. Gotta love their sense of humor.
http://www.aerostich.com/catalog/US/Holographic-Vehicle-Projector-p-17408.html [broken link]

With all the uproar over DRM it’s always nice to find good music from good folks with a good attitude, and www.ucalldatmusic.com is just such a place. Here’s a sample:

And if that ain’t enough then there’s this oldie-but-goodie that always gets a smile:

Hot on the heels of my mention of OS/2 under VMware, I had some fun looking back at old GUIs at Nathan’s Toasty Technology site. Go have a smile. Or a grimace. Your choice.

Wondering where you can get that mug that’ll show you mean business at your next infernal staff meeting? The folks over at Think Geek will fix you right up.

There! That felt better than what’s really on my mind. I swear, I can’t get through the morning news anymore without blowing a gasket. I mean, with all this bailout crap I feel like I’m being penalized for deciding decades ago to live my life in a fiscally responsible manner. I’m thinking I should have partied it all away instead and let others pick up the pieces. Might have even gotten a bonus……

One thought on “Buffer Dump”

  1. Scary! I actually remembered that what came on my Atari ST was GEM over TOS.

    And, uh, risk of arrest aside, I prefer to keep my mug and mugger separate. No use losing a perfectly good cuppa joe and bustin’ my mug because some idiot needs his mug rearranged. I like the arrangement, though — it just needs more engineering, like slide-off knuckles with a release button.

    Gotta go — here comes Nurse Ratched.

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