It was a year or so ago that I picked up a Barcalounger chair for the living room. The chair, upholstered in dark leather (unlike the illustration to the left), fits the Modern decor of the room. What’s more, it’s seriously comfortable.

This morning I was cleaning up some when I ran across my notes from when I was researching chairs. Inside was a pointer to an informative – and very entertaining – article about the company and its products.

As I re-read the entry, nestled in the Barcalounger sipping morning coffee with the laptop on my knees, I got thoroughly sucked in, and wandered the ‘net for much longer than I should have. Maybe you will, too. For the writing and structure of are indeed very compelling and quite addictive.

My key takeaway from the trip: it’s a pain in the ass to get from central Jersey to Flushing Meadows Park.

One thought on “Barcalounger”

  1. Now I’m going to have to eat my Wheaties and overturn the recliner I recovered from the neighbor’s midden to see what I got. One of these days — when I’m through reclining.

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