Crying, While Eating

Every so often you run across a site that simply makes you go “whuh”. Crying, While Eating is one of those. The design is simple – a long list of images linked to Quicktime videos, each accompanied by a three informational items (name, what they’re eating, why they’re crying).

I had no idea that so many people cried while they ate, much less had video of themselves doing it. Personally, I don’t cry a lot. And the last time I cried – which wasn’t all that long ago, BTW – I certainly wasn’t eating, and nobody was capturing video.

As I sampled a few of the videos I found them… puzzling. I tried to imagine what it would be like to know the subject, to talk to them, to understand them a little better. I actually felt a little creeped out, kif of like like I was watching something I really shouldn’t be seeing. A David Byrne tune called Social Studies sprung into my head, it seemed to be an appropriate soundtrack for some reason.

Go see for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Crying, While Eating”

  1. Yeah, it’s definitely one of those sites that makes you wonder why, on many fronts. Too bad, but it appears that there haven’t been any new contributions since I first encountered it.

  2. Sometimes I wonder about you. Right after I wonder about me. On occasions like this where I blindly follow you where no one should go!

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